Repairing the Breach PDF - Bible Studies for Lent or anytime

Repairing the Breach PDF - Bible Studies for Lent or anytime

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'Repairing the Breach' examines what it means to be people of healing in a broken world.

Written by a community of friends for a people of mission - and illustrated with stunning images painted by acclaimed artist, Carol Aust, 'Repairing the Breach' inspires, provokes and cajoles.

"The Mission of God is to repair the breach. The people of God are participants in that work.

All breach-repair is relational.

A young child watches a group of children playing, too scared of rejection to join in. One of the children leaves the group and approaches the scared child, taking their hand and asking if they’d like to play. The breach is repaired.

A shamed and scared humanity imagines an immutable God, terrified to approach for fear of rejection and judgement. God, taking the ultimate risk, becomes human, builds relationships, steps into our shoes, loves us and is loved by us. God steps towards us. We step towards God. The Breach is repaired.

A poor community watches in despair as the wealthy nations chase further wealth. A visitor comes, not with answers, but with questions. Dialogue ensues. Every member of the community is consulted. Plans are made. Action is taken together. The breach is lessened. Love, hope and justice begin their work.

All breaches need to be recognised. They need to be understood. It is only in understanding and experiencing the breach that we can begin to see the way it can be repaired. It can be all to easy to see a problem and know how you would fix it. But all problems are complex, and your ‘fix’ or my ‘fix’ might exacerbate the issue, rather than repair. Meeting in the middle of the breach, sitting in the breach in order to understand the perspectives and fears and hopes of those who are most effected by the breach, and then acting together to repair what has been understood….that is the work of relational mission.

This can happen in our own relationships and in our churches. It can happen between the rich and the poor. The powerless and the powerful. The forgotten and the forgetters. It must happen if God’s vision of a reconciled and just world is to be realised."

Be part of this exciting new study that leads us to realisation and healing.


Read what people are saying about Repairing the Breach.

“…beautifully presented, thoughtfully compiled…This study invites us to walk with Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit and to begin again. It asks the hard questions, and for many it will be an uncomfortable journey. However, it also offers a pathway for individuals and communities of faith to begin the process of ‘repairing the breach’ and ‘closing the gap.’… I highly recommend using this study as a resource for your Lenten journey. It will certainly be shaping mine."
Bishop Denise Ferguson, Assistant Bishop, Diocese of Adelaide

“By bringing together art, poetry, music, personal stories and sound biblical scholarship, the team from ABM-Australia have produced yet another wonderful Lent study for 2022…I thoroughly recommend this study to parishes, groups and individuals who are looking to “to participate in the adventure of the ‘now but not yet’ kingdom” as they journey through Lent to the Easter mysteries.”
Bishop Jeremy Greaves, Assistant Bishop, Diocese of Southern Queensland

“Repairing the Breach offers a bold new face to eternal truths.

This Lenten experience challenged us open our eyes and heart to the whole world.

The writers share parts of themselves and so we see something of their hearts, as well as their thoughts. The reflection and discussion material are enriched by prayers, poems, stories and art.

The artist, Carol Aust, creates whimsical scapes with tones that soothe and calm. It contrasts with the often serious and dour season of Lent. It suggests an over-riding dream of good things to come. It is as if Pentecost is already in view.”

Sandi & John Steward

Sandi Steward is an environmental artist. John Steward (PhD) is a peace educator. For over 50 years they have served in Indonesia, Rwanda and parts of Australia. John wrote the book, 'From Genocide to Generosity: Hatreds Heal on Rwanda's Hills'.