God's Own Country - ABM's Lenten Study for 2024 or anytime! Hard copy paperback.

God's Own Country - ABM's Lenten Study for 2024 or anytime! Hard copy paperback.

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First Nations leaders and clergy from the Anglican Church, generously offer theological insights and personal reflections that help us to hear the VOICE of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of faith.

Based on the Seven Days of Creation and with stunningly beautiful paintings by the Rev’d Aunty Robyn Davis, ‘God’s Own Country’ is an essential, life-giving and challenging study.

In our struggle to become an authentically Australian church, what better resource could we turn to than the voices of leaders who draw on vibrant Christian faith and a 60,000 year old understanding of God’s relationship with the land and people of the country we call Australia.
We hope every Anglican parish and person will study with First Nations leaders during Lent 2024, learning from and loving God through the gracious lens of Indigenous people of faith.
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Dig your fingers in to the soil of ‘God’s Own Country”, and discover more about the God we love and serve.

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"At one point in the hurtful and divisive debate in the lead up to the referendum in 2023, I was struck by the words of an older first nations woman, “It won’t be enough for us to have a voice. We need people to listen.”
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have been speaking out for justice since the earliest days of colonization. Their cries have echoed across generations: cries filled with sadness and pain and anger and it is easy to see why they think that no one is listening.
In this powerful and sometimes confronting study, we are given the chance to listen to the voices of seven Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Anglicans. But not just to listen, we are really invited to hear: to hear their stories, their sadness, their anger and their hope.
The first step towards justice and reconciliation is to listen and to hear and this small study offers a place from which to begin. I commend it to you."
The Most Reverend Jeremy Greaves, Anglican Archbishop of Brisbane

‘When Moses encountered God before a bush that appeared to be burning, he was told to take off his sandals because the ground was holy (Exodus 3:12). Having done this, he listened and heard an uncomfortable challenge: to go and make a difference.

In a similar way the writers of ‘God’s Own Country’ offer holy ground upon which to listen and learn. I encourage all Anglicans to engage with the reflections and questions of ‘God’s Own Country’ in the coming season of Lent.’

The Right Reverend Cam Venables, Bishop of the Western Region in the Anglican Church Southern Queensland